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About the Artist

Hey there, I’m Lindsay Ortez the Artist and heart behind the camera. I’m honored you’re here,
and interested in possibly scheduling a session with me. Or even if you’re just here to browse through my work and gather some inspiration….I welcome you with open arms and mind. I truly believe art is a gift, and should be shared and multiplied to its fullest.

I’ve been an Artist my whole life, it truly is the roots to who I am, how I live, and most importantly the essence to how I create and capture my photographs. My photography style has been felt & described as Unique, Organic, and oh so full of Love & Light! I have a passion and eye for the beauty and crazy of real raw life, and Lifestyle Portraiture is simply just that! I don’t like to fuss with imposed lighting, perfectly posed, prop-ie setups…I want to capture YOUR light just as you are. The moments that fuel and bless our everyday, but often get overlooked for the magic they bring.

I started my photography journey in 2002 when I first took a film developing class in college. I had thought I wanted to continue studying fine arts & art history but quickly learned photography was my purpose. Instead of painting with brush & canvas, I began painting with “light” and threw myself into learning camera functions, photoshop, and developing my own vision. When I became a Mama in 2008, is when I think I truly learned the value of a moment…All the details, the emotions and memories, I didn’t want them to fade and go un captured.

Now 3 babies later, and more than a decade of heart, experience, & personal and creative growth…I still pinch myself that THIS is my job! I mean seriously, it’s so fulfilling that I get to be welcomed into peoples lives, and capture their most special memories. I get to turn their moments into Art and give them the gift of love and time. From Weddings, to Newborns, to Family milestones…I’m completely honored that I get to watch so many amazing families grow
over the years.

I think it’s so important to choose a photographer not only based on their images, but if you seem to vibe with who they are as a person. I’m a pretty open book, & share a lot of myself, my family & my journey on social media because I feel it’s good to let people into my “world” and feel comfortable with me as a person, friend, artist & mama…when I’m in turn being welcomed into a piece of your world. I’m a nature loving mermaid hippy at heart for sure, give me a body of water & a golden sunset and I’m happy. I Love vintage everything…I have this weird obsession with old chairs and make excuses to buy newborn props way too often lol. I’m slightly ocd and a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I live for the days my family and I can unplug, get out of town, indulge our faces in good food craft beer, and our hearts in the moments that really matter which is simply together.

I’d Love nothing more than to capture and bottle up some timeless moments in your family’s

Endless Thank You’s for all the support & memories over the years.
All my Love & Light forever headed your way

~Lindsay Ortez

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